Summer Academy Schloss Homburg 2017

from August 21st – September 3rd, 2017

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The Color First - Contrasts - Painting Course Lecturer / Instructor: Elvira Lantenhammer Details & Sign Up »
"Painting Like Monet" - Painting Course Impressionism Lecturer / Instructor: Gila Stolzenfuß Details & Sign Up »
From raw material to pseudo-machine - Workshop Lecturer / Instructor: Magnus Kuhn Details & Sign Up »
Perfomance Drawing - Interdisciplinary Course Lecturer / Instructor: Sofia Greff Details & Sign Up »
La Figura - Paint, Drawing & Modeling Course Lecturer / Instructor: Dorette Jansen Details & Sign Up »
Earth 'Hauptstrom' - Joseph Beuys Lecturer / Instructor: U We Claus Details & Sign Up »

Supporting Program and Events

into the blue. make a choice. round table Philosopher / Author Bettina Schmitz Event Date »
Exhibition Tour Event Date »
"moondog" Performance with Gebriele Juvan, Theresa Buschman Event Date »
In The Beginning Was The Gesture Performance Gila Stolzenfuß Event Date »
Earth 'Hauptstrom' - I can also
make geological history
- Seminar / Lecture
mit U We Claus, FIU Event Date »
Video And Performance Day with U We Claus, Thilo, Götze Regenbogen, CaBri, Andreas Honneth, Brygida Ochaim, Gila Stolzenfuß, Sofia Greff.
Event Date »

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Students can apply for a scholarship.
Please send your apply to


Homburg am Main offers various accommodations. Information can be found under, and Elvira Lantenhammer.

Course Registration

Please register directly with the artists per post or e-mail. Because of the limited number of participants the registration is binding.

Course Fees are payable to the artists in advance. You will receive account information directly from your seminar instructor (see contact information).

Thank you to Region Unterfranken, HeidelbergCement, Redelbach Architects and Sparkasse Mainfranken for the financial support.